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How It Works

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How It Works: Store Policies

Yours Truly is primarily a subscription service. We offer personalized and non-personalized plans to meet your specific needs and budget.

However, we also offer one-time bundle purchases and one-time personalized purchases to give you flexibility.

Our goal is to meet your needs, so that you’re always prepared and never miss a

birthday, anniversary or other occasion.

How It Works: About

Personalized Plans

As your greeting cards personal assistant, Yours Truly will send you a monthly customized package of greeting cards based on your needs. 

Cards will come addressed and stamped ready to be mailed or given to your loved ones. In addition to being ready to mail, a convenient reminder card with a list all of your occasions for the month will be included.

All you need to do is write a personal message and give to your loved one.

When you sign up with Yours Truly, you will indicate what types of cards you need, when you need them and your relationship to the recipient.

You will also have the opportunity to indicate what type of sentiment (humorous, sentimental, etc.) and style (contemporary, traditional, etc.) you would prefer. It is important to us that you can express yourself through our cards.

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Other Ways to Benefit from
Yours Truly

If you do not wish to have a plan centered around your individual needs, you can opt for a Non-Personalized Plan, Bundles or One-Time Purchases.

Yours Truly has three non-personalized plans where you will receive a set number of cards each month. Although these cards are not specific to your particular needs, you can request to receive more of certain types of cards such as birthday cards.

Greeting Card bundles allow you to stock up on cards by buying 10-15 cards of a certain theme all at one time. Bundle themes pertain to the most common types of cards and occasions (birthdays, holidays, etc.).

Or, you can make one-time purchases of personalized cards which come to you ready to be given to your loved ones.

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Our Cards

Yours Truly sources our cards from a variety of places to ensure quality, variety and uniqueness, that will satisfy modern tastes. We want you to be able to find exactly what you are looking for that signifies who you are and your wishes for your loved ones. Whether you desire to be serious or light-hearted
we have a card for you.

How It Works: About
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